Rachel Messer is a 21 year-old singer and songwriter from a little speck on the map in Fort Gay, West Virginia. You may know her from Team Blake on Season 15 of NBC's 'The Voice'! 

     With performances all over West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and more, 2019 was a busy year!... But 2020 is looking EVEN BIGGER! Rachel recently released a brand new EP entitled "California Sunrise" in the summer of 2020, featuring two songs written by Rachel herself, and two songs written by Grammy nominated songwriter, Larry Cordle! And just this April, Rachel released her new single "Where The Weeping Willow Cries"! You can expect even MORE music to be released in 2020!  

     Rachel plays guitar, mandolin, autoharp, and the ukulele. She sings classic Country & Western music, but is just as passionate about Bluegrass and Gospel! Her vocal range is astounding as her ever growing audiences can testify to!