Rachel Messer is 20 a year-old singer and songwriter from a little speck on the map in West Virginia.  She has been singing in church since she was three, and cut her first Gospel CD when she was only eight years old.  

  After winning the "Coalfield's Got Talent" contest in 2015, she got serious about her music career.  In 2016 she wrote and recorded her first single and official video entitled, "Jesus and My 6 String".  
  Rachel plays guitar, mandolin, autoharp, and the ukulele.  She sings classic Country & Western Music, but is just as passionate about Bluegrass and Gospel!  Her vocal range is astounding as her ever growing audiences can testify to.

  She was on Season 15 of NBC’s The Voice and now Rachel is a vocalist for Billy Jean Osborne's Kentucky Opry at the Mountain Arts Center in Prestonburg, Kentucky.

  Look out for her new EP “California Sunrise” available everywhere you listen to music!